July 28, 2008

trend alert_man bag

I think a masculine man can totally pull off the man bag. Not just a "bookbag", but a bag that you carry in your hand lol. If your gay, it will come off soooo feminine

You must be really confident in your own skin to be succesful. 
Sound Off.

--Christian Nathaniel

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree!

Anonymous said...

"if you're gay, it will come off soooo feminine"

That sounds really close minded and ignorant in my opinion. Perhaps rethinking your constructions of gender and sexuality might be a good idea...

Taylor Stanley said...

He is a gay man.

And it's just the truth.
Just like butch lesbians carrying a purse looks slightly like they're packin M-16s.

Alva said...

I think the thing to walk away with from the post is "You must be really confident in your own skin to be successful." Its true of life, but especially in fashion!

dressed said...

Taylor, Chris Brown is not gay!! lol