August 10, 2008

wegetDRESSED Daily Celebrity: Tom Kaulitz

I just heard about Tokio Hotel when I was watching TRL the other day (8-5-08) and saw them. At first I just thought that they were just some new punk-emo band. But Tom caught my eye because he had dreads and had on really urban "street-wear". It was kind of funny because this guy is from Germany and looks like a black dude.


Trina said...

Their music is awesome. You can come check out more at their official forum if you want?

Or just check them on youtube.

Tom is AMAZING and has been true to his style since he was about 9.

dressed said...

I will totally check out the site, thanks for the referral!


OMG I'm uber jealous of how gorgeous the members of the band look. it is just wrong to be as beautiful as they are.