August 9, 2008

Tip: "Manscaping"

A guy getting his eyebrows is a good thing. Nothing is worst than a unibrow or messy unkept brows. I understand that it is hard for a guy to walk into a salon and sit down in a room full of women and ask to get his eyebrows done...yes, I understand.

I first saw a straight guy with waxed brows when I watched the TV show "Growing Up Gotti" and was introduced to Carmine. He is so bold for being an open metrosexual. 

In the end, it looks so good!! The only two problems with waxing is that you must continue to get routine touch-ups or your brows will look a mess and also if you get a aesthetician who jacks up your brows, than you will have to suffer for a good month until they grow back in. 

My suggestion for guys just starting out and are interested in keeping your brows clean is by plucking at home with a good tweezer. This is good because you are in control of how neat you want your brows to look and it won't cost you $8 every time you do it.




agreed! i've never had mine done professionally and have been tweezing at home since i was 16 and i've always been complimented on how neat they look =). Hooray for DIY!

dressed said...

Very soon I am going to be doing them professionally so i hope they turn out, I will keep you guys posted on how well that goes, but yes, that's totally cool that you been doing yours...I wanna see a picture!! Send it to

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

Ew. He looks disgustingly pretty.

oh and to answer your question i would design street culture clothing and couture.

dressed said...

You should go to his myspace now, he has cut off his hair and he looks so hot now lol. His brows still look good, but not as knifed up, you know? lol

Tay said...

Eyebrows shouldnt be overly bushy. If you have a unibrow, by all means...wax! But I dont know, I like my men pretty rugged looking--I dont go for metros at all. Carmine looks like a wax sculpture...or like he's been frozen. Those Gotti kids need help

dressed said...

This is a bad picture of Carmine, because it looks like it has been airbrushed lol.

But totally check out! He has grown up so much lol.