August 16, 2008

Beauty: Virgin Manicure

No more cuticles for a while I see. 

I have been contemplating getting a professional manicure for a while but was scared because I didn't want the shiny polish on them. So today I was bored at the mall with an hour to spare before going into work, and I saw this nail shop.

The sign said manicures were $13, so I thought I might as well go pamper myself.
The end results are above. I should have snapped a before photo showing you my nail condition. 
Tell me what you think.


A.M. said...

New Blogger:
i like i like..still very masculine yet clean :)

Meanshots22 said...

i like it. i might need one because u bite my nails(durty habit) yesturday i went to the movies and i was biting my nails the whole time. they look horrible./

dressed said...

Thanks "am"!

Taylor Stanley said...

Very clean, looking.
Thank you for proving to the world that neat and polished can be manly.