August 21, 2008

Tattoo #2

I wanted another tattoo today, so before I had to be at work, I stopped by the tattoo parlor and had my wrist done. Yes, I know it looks a little blurry, and that's because it got "blown out". It was not suppose to happen, but it does happen because the wrists have thin capillaries...or some crazy shizz like that, but anyways this may be my last for now because I'm so disapointed about how it looks. 


Anonymous said...

I like the placement of it, and it doesnt look that blurry, it looks more unique that way anyway, but dayyyng that had to hurt.

dressed said...

You would prob have to see it in person..and actually it felt good!

Taylor Stanley said...

That's way cuter than I thought it would be, and I knew it would be adorable.
Love it.

Delilah said...

OH. Never mind I found you new tat.. Loll =D