August 23, 2008

Tip: Top Three Needs for Fall 2008

1. Everyone needs to invest in a good peacoat. These are timeless pieces that can upgrade anyone's wardrobe. You should expect to pay around $80-$150 for a nice quality one. It's time to ditch The North Face know who you are! lol. I have found that if you are of a slimmer figure like me, you should go into the women's section of where ever your shopping and try them on there.

2. A good pair of winter boots are a must
 have this upcoming season. They will keep your feet warm when it's 30 degrees outside. Good boots are a neutral color that can be paired with more than one outfit. I have seen a lot of talk about Dr. Marten's but there not my taste.

3. Thick scarves are essential in the colder months as well. You can find tons of scarves anywhere. But the more you have, the more outfits you can wear them with. 

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