August 24, 2008

what i would wear

Short shorts are in. Make sure you have nice legs though.
Keep it [dressed].

--Christian Nathaniel

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Meanshots22 said...

lol u make me wanna tone my legs cause u keep posting about short shorts.its almost like u keep throwing it in my but i like em though. do you know of any stores that sell them because my first thought was forever 21

tsad said...

That kid looks like a crack babied biker teen who watches Dora the Explorer.

dressed said...

"meanshots", yes this is the last month or so to get to wear short shorts, but believe it or not, I just "made" my own pair yesterday. I had some old slim-straight black jeans and just cut them right above my knee. Photos coming soon!! But no, don't go to forever 21. But also try Fossil. and for "tsad", that is so mean!! WTF


i have that t-shirt! wore it to pride too!

dressed said...

Lol, Really? Where did you get it from?