September 4, 2008

recent purchase_man bag

I told everyone that I needed a new bag to carry my books in for school because I was starting college this year. So I have been on the prowl for one for a long time now. The picture above is the bag that I got from Ross

The bag is perfect, it only cost me $25.00!! Isn't that insane??? My bag could totally pass for an expensive designer bag! You can see more pictures of my bag by clicking here. But for the guys out there who may want to know if your store has this bag in-stock, you must go there and see. Ross unfortunately doesn't sale there merchandise online, so good luck with finding it. 
Sound Off.

--Christian Nathaniel


Taghrid said...

love it!! it really does look more expensive than 25! you're so chic!

Tay said...

Ross goes hard

dressed said...

Yea I get comments on it all the time! I love it so much!

tsad said...

Its patent, and black.
Its manchic!

Meanshots22 said...

i like it. its cute