September 10, 2008

tip_do you take forever to get [dressed]?

Does it take you 2 hours in the mornings to get [dressed]?
If that's the case, than you have a problem. Sorry to offend.

I believe that one should put together there outfits the night before and have them ironed and layed out, ready to go for the next day. Do not waste time by standing in front of your opened closet rummaging through shirts. You could be doing so much other cool stuff instead of just standing there.

I must admit that yes, I did suffer from this issue, but I'm good now.
Keep it [dressed].

--Christian Nathaniel

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haha its not the getting dressed part that gets to me, its usually the shower/moisturize/fix my hair that gets me!

dressed said...

True...And I guess if your not late for school/work/etc. than you should be good Lol.

Meanshots22 said...

i always pick my outfits out the night before as well. but i hate ironing. i usually just pop it in the dryer and it will get the wrinkles out.