September 11, 2008

Day 7

Shirt - NY
Necklace - Spencers
Book-bag - Target
Jeans - Hot Topic
Shoes - Journeys

Looking back on this outfit I can see how much in fashion I have grown.
Also please not guys; DO NOT purchase jeans from Hot Topic and the Social Collision collection. Their prices are low for a reason. 


Anonymous said...

Your wearin my fav shoes.

Taylor Stanley said...

How are HotTopic's jeans? I haven't tried any yet, though I really like the colored skinny jeans.

Anonymous said...

Hot topics Jeans are great, they stretch for the normal people who arent straight all the way down, I have a pair. Theyre like elastic. Theyre called the "social misfits" or something, I dont feel like looking, theyre upstairs.

dressed said...

Yes, I just wish they would have a better selection in there stores...