October 29, 2008

Recent Purchase: Jitney Canvas Weekender

My new man bag came in the mail yesterday from Urban Outfitters. I am so excited to have another bag in my collection! I'm tired of carrying that big black thing all the time. See my "9-4-08" post.

This bag that I just purchased was only $58.00 available and now online at www.UrbanOutfitters.com. It is a nice size for caring everything from books to clothes on vacation. Photos of me with my new bag coming very soon!! Tell me what you think of the bag. 


Anonymous said...

Omg this is such a cute bag i need to get it like NOW lol but hey do they have it in BLACK??

dressed said...

Your in luck! Yes they do have them in black!
Happy Shopping!

Taylor Stanley said...

That bag is so cute!
I love the burst of color on the inside.

dressed said...

Thanks taylor!