March 6, 2009

how to really wear a suit?

Our lives are comprised of years, weeks and days that are eventually reduced to mere moments. Some of these moments require us to look our best in a suit. Sadly enough, most men do not know how to wear a suit properly. This being said, I want to provide you with some basic information on how a suit should fit.

A suit should convey an image of power, style and refinement. A baggy, cheaply made suit resembles a costume, and that is the worst possible image to have. A suit should fit well and it should show a little of your best assets. Most men, if you’re blessed, have broad shoulders a proportionate chest and a relatively narrow waistline. Whether your blessed or not, these are the things you want your suit to accentuate most and a good fit is the only way to achieve such a look. 

A suit pant should fit similar to a good pair of slightly tapered or strait legged jeans. A well fitting suit doesn’t require a proper tie or belt, and will move easily between the office and a high-end lounge. 

A few signs of a poorly fitting suit:
1. A suit with pleated pants. (Pleats add unnecessary bulk and weight)
2. Your pants slide off without a belt.
3. Your pants bunch when paired with a belt, there is a reason to wear pants that are sized.
4. The suits jacket is shapeless. 
5. The dress shirt is billowy. (NO, NO, NO! Large billowy shirts are made to hide things; this is not the image you want to convey)
6. You purchased the suit in a department store on a $99 sale. (At least get it tailored)
7. You haven’t taken your really expensive suit to be tailored because you believe the name and material is all that counts. (Sorry Calvin Klein doesn’t know you, and he did not tailor this suit just for you.)

All suits do not need to be expensive to look good. It is all in the fit, so keep in mind a good tailor for you. Choose good fabrics, pair with nice shirts, great accessories and you will be well [dressed] for all your daily events.

--Lomar Osbourne
Contributing Writer

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