April 4, 2009

Before + After: Lady Sovereigng


The lady is back! I knew I haven't heard from this chick in a minute, but I was just browsing YouTube today and came across her new video. The song is very dance-worthy. I love it so. What I'm most psyched about though is her new look!! This is the lady before and after...Now she actually looks more like a "lady" hahaha. I'm glad someone at her record company took over...

Check out the song that I love now "I Got You Dancing", coming off her new album "Jigsaw". The album will be available April 7th.


taylor stanley said...

Oh no, I loved Lady Sovereign's look in all of her hot mess!
You'd better believe I'll be checking out her new music, though. I missed the chance to see her in concert a while back and I haven't quite gotten over the sense of loss.

[dressed] said...

Eww, I hated her before...Now she is sexxssaay. hahah.