April 7, 2009

tip_self confidence

Having good self-confidence is a big deal for me.
When I was growing up, I would not feel that I was cool or popular in school. Actually, 'til this day, I don't feel I am still not "cool" or "popular'. I am just a quirky kid who just does his own thing.

At the same time now as I have gotten older, I feel that I do not need to be "cool" or "popular" in order to be happy.I have now learned that it is not necessary for me to fit-in.I am happy with who I am and I don't feel I need to impress anyone. I have learned that I can wear what I want and not worry about someone judging.
If someone does feel that they must make a judgment about me, I am strong enough now to not let that bother me. Other people opinions do not make me. 
No one else can give you what you need in order to feel good about yourself.
That comes from within. 

**NOTE: It's not what people call you that matters, but what you answer to does. 

--Christian Nathaniel

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taylor stanley said...

Best entry ever.