April 9, 2009

19. heel alert_nine west

Browsing their site, www.ninewest.com, I found a new appreciation for their shoes. They have an awesome selection and always have sales. This should be a first stop for heel fanatics!

Below are some great boots for fall. They are called "Yung", they run for about $120, but these are really cute! You can't go wrong with a 4"! (And by the way, I believe that 4" must be the standard height for all heels). --Christian Nathaniel

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Taylor Stanley said...

I'd have to disagree due to the major "practicality" issue this brings up.
I think that a 4" heel is great for the evening or for going out because it arches the foot just right, but a 3" is more manageable for walking around and getting places during the day. It's just less wear and tear on the feet and legs.

[dressed] said...

Fashion i not meant to be practical loL!! Jk

RAP said...

I have to say if it isn't a 4', I"m not feeling it. If you train your legs you can do it. I wear 4 1/2" heels to work, and I have to get up from my desk and walk frequently.. Those are dope though, not "nine westy" at all.


taylor stanley said...

By the by: their shoes, not "there shoes".