April 28, 2009

Trend: New 'It' Bag?--Longchamps

I have seen too many girls carrying this bag for my liking.
The bag looks cheap and and flimsy. Why would you want to carry this??
I did my research and found out that Longchamp is a famous brand in a Paris...Oops.

By 1955 they expanded to include small leather goods, opening its first factory in Segré. By the 1970s, Longchamp opened its first boutiques in Hong Kong and Japan, and became known for its lightweight travel goods. The "Le Pliage" line is a collection of foldable travel bags made of vinyl and leather trim.

I just don't understand how the bags became popular in the first place. I would not pay $100 for a bag I can get from Wal-Mart, let alone it being used to carry luggage. 

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taylor stanley said...

Agreed. Looks too flimsy and casual for actual use. I'd so much rather spend my money on a nice quality leather bag.

Anonymous said...

I completely hate this bag, cheap, ugly, lack of thoughtful designing, such as basic bag for an expensive price.