April 29, 2009

sneaker alert_air yeezy

I posted a "heel alert" the other day on Keri Hilson's heels. In the same picture the shoes that Kanye was wearing are called Air Yeezy's, so I felt that I had to do the men justice. When I first saw them I didn't know that he had designed them himself. This will be his second pair of shoes he has designed. 

But the shoe reminds me of a pair of Spike Lee Jordans. And actually in the photo above, it shows the "inspiration" of how Kanye's shoes came to be.  It has also been stated that the Air Yeezy’s will be extremely limited and hard to find. Kayne stated on his blog that the first Nike Air Yeezy's became available in-stores April 4th 2009 along with other products he has been working on.

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