May 24, 2009

Day 25: Work

I'm kinda pissed off finding out that I am not allowed to wear shorts or rubber-soled shoes; ie Vans or Chucks or graphic tees! My manager said we can only wear dress shoes or boots and solid color t-shirts. I was hoping that working at CR would give me options to dress freely and express my real style. I am upset because I don't want people coming into the store that I dress like that LOl. I told myself I was not going to go out and waste more money on clothes to wear just to my job.

And as for "what i wear" on this day. I am just going to show you my boring outfit. Sorry. By the way, here is the shirt that I told you about that I got from Oldnavy for basically free. I love V-neck shirts--It's all I wear. So I was sold on it LOL.

I am here pictured in the dressing room while on the rare small breaks that I do get.


taylor stanley said...

Well, despite the shitty news on the dressed front, the lighting in this photo is amazing. lol

[dressed] said...

Thanks you!

[dressed] said...
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