May 25, 2009

40. heel alert_charlotte russe

Exclusive photos of Patent slingbacks from the Charlotte Russe storage room. I will keep you posted on new shoes and heels that we have coming in. Aldo watch out! LOl. They are only $29.99 so price shouldn't be an issue.

--Christian Nathaniel


Leesa Moselle said...

I was looking for shoes like this =) now I know where to go! It's like you're an inside man lol. I love reading [dressed].

[dressed] said...

Thank you :) But yea I'm literally an inside man. lol

Anthony Lee said...

hey, thanks for visiting
my blog!

and yes,
they were old jeans.
i just cut them,
and bleached them.

Caramel Diva said...

cute shoes..thanks for following my blog