May 26, 2009

future purchase_lacoste red cologne

I love sweet and fresh colognes. The ones that I currently wear right now are Burberry London and With Love by Hilary Duff! I switch them up based on how I feel. I only bought the Hilary Duff perfume because it reminded me of cotton candy and the smell lasted for a good while. After this bottle runs out I wouldn't buy it again.

For my birthday I am getting the Lacoste Red cologne [pictured left]!! I don't go for a scent just for the name, as long as it makes me feel good and ultimately smell good than I'm good. It's going to be on sale for only about $40 at Northlake Mall. The original price is like $65 so it is a great deal. I can't wait to get my hands on this cologne because I can't get enough of the smell. I was reading on a forum and to describe it it has "fruity and spicy" notes.
What do you wear?
Sound off.

--Christian Nathaniel

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Caramel Diva said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog.I don't have a facebook..I really enjoy your blog keep up posts coming!

[dressed] said...

You have to create on please in order to network LOl. But thank you again, and I post once everyday :)