May 27, 2009

41. top model season finale!

Sorry this post is so untimely. It's just that all my posts are already set scheduled ahead of time. This was pushed way down the line LOL. Better late than never right??

I am glad that Teyona won! That big-eyed bitch Allison ugh. I am so mad that she made it to the final too. She is so ugly. But I honestly thought that Aminat was gonna be the winner just because she did kinda better on her shoots and had a greater and bigger personality.

Even though "Top Models" in the past never get famous like I hope for. The show was good this past season. Cycle 13 will be interesting to see now that all the models will be 5'7" and shorter. Oh gawd. Top Model is falling off. But we will see what happens.
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--Christian Nathaniel

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