June 17, 2009

48. do you remember this??

This is one of my all time classic Disney movies. I wasn't into all the Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast stuff! The toaster rocks! :) It was such a touching movie and would love to add it to my DVD collection soon. I was surprised at how old it really was. It came out in '87! Old as dirt.

What was your favorite classic Disney movie?
Sound off.

--Christian Nathaniel


taylor stanley said...

The image won't show for me, but I'm assuming you're talking about The Brave Little Toaster.
I vaguely remember it, but I know that it was definitely in our VHS collection at one point. I think it scared me so I didn't watch it that often.

Aladdin was def my fav, though.
Gotta love Jafar and his snake staff!

[dressed] said...

I am. And the pic works fro me :)

Leesa Moselle said...

I LOVED this movie <3.

I really liked Lady and the Tramp too.