July 11, 2009

59. the brow bar

Threading is all the new crave in America to manicure your brows. The process originated by the Persians [They have thick ass brows lol]. is made up of your aesthetician to using to pieces of thread and they twist them to pull hairs grouped at a time out of the follicle.

Threading is supposed to be better than waxing, and lasers because it helps people who have sensitive skin as it avoids unpleasant side affects as the top layer of the skin is not damaged, burned or stripped off in the process.

They just opened up the threading shop at Northlake Mall. The first one in the area, there is a threading kiosk at Concord Mills, but I don't know if it is still there. So once again The Brow Bar is now open and no appointments are necessary. The price of all of their numerous services can be found on their site below.

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Anonymous said...

threading your eyebrows kills, oh my i did them a while ago it was quite cheap but i was in pain tears in my eyes. But yes it is much better than waxing and all that other stuff.