June 28, 2009

should i do a cowboy boot?

I always wanted to have a pair to wear with some skinnys and a big shirt. [This is not a photo of me by the way lol] But because I currently have too many expenses on my plate, right now I can only dream about them :/ [as usual].
So in the mean time I will also just plan out my dream outfit.

Being poor sucks dick.
Keep it [dressed].

--Christian Nathaniel


Harrison said...

I don’t know if I would necessarily recommend a ranch style boot. Maybe a bit bold. I would suggest going more fashion forward and trying maybe a classic riding boot or a biker style. It gives a more masculine touch to s concept that is slightly androgynous.

Anonymous said...

i personally am not a big fan of boots. i don't really think they look nice.

taylor stanley said...

Ditto on Harrison's riding boot statement.
Otherwise, check out eBay sales. Most of my Lucchese Boots I've purchased from various sellers on there for a decent price.

[dressed] said...

I will keep this in mind. Thanks for the input guys.