August 13, 2009

recent purchase_red hit cologne

I LOVE LACOSTE RED COLOGNE! I have talked about how it smelled really good before and I am bringing up to you guys again because I found a great steal! I didn’t want to pay the $60 sticker price for an 4.2 oz bottle of this crack juice :D. I just basicaly ended up telling my self that I would just wait until the cologne went on sale somewhere…

I guess I have waited long enough right? I was at Concord Mills Mall in Concord, NC and was just browsing in Perfume shops, just curious to see if they had the cologne for any cheaper. I asked the lady at the counter for my crack juice and she was like “Well we have this really good imitation that smells just like the real thing.” I was like oh geezz.” I’m not a fan of imitation cologne, it always has a cheap smell and wears off quickly [in my opinion]. She had the cologne on the counter and I could easily sample it, and OMFG, the shit was so good! I was like are you sure this is an imitation LOL. Than right after that explosion in my nose from that deep whiff. The price almost made me orgasm LOL. She said “$20.00″! Hell yea. I bought that shit on the spot.

My new crack juice! [Pictured below]. Isn’t it funny that it looks just like the original bottle? Damn copy-cats. By the way I wear this cologne everyday, I even sprayed it on before taking a nap. I recommend this crack juice to anyone. Send me your favorite imitations :D

Christian Nathaniel

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