November 22, 2009

Christmas Wish List 2009

So I have put together my "dream" Christmas list. Christmas is coming up soon and it's the time for it now. I usually will end up having this list as my personal shopping list. No one ever gets me anything that I want LOL.
1. Rayban Glasses - When I tried these on the other day, my face seemed too big to wear them. I was kind of upset because they are so cute.

2. New iPhone Headphones - So I stepped on my headphones the other day and one of the earbuds is cracked. They are $30 for a new pair and I don't feel like purchasing them on my own.

3. Circle Scarf from American Apparel

4. Slouchy Hats

5. New Tattoo

6. Refil Foundation
7. Gold Jewelry - A bracelet from American Apparel will suffice.

8. Military Jacket

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