December 29, 2009

Hair: My New Color

Please be aware that this is not the color that I want. I am disappointed. I was aiming for the girls color below. I knew there was some chance of getting a different expected color.  I took a risk.

My hair looks kind of reddish-brown now. My camera phone was not able to pick up all the detail but it doesn't look as red in person.

1. This color will fade soon
2. I can get someone to redo it [using a developer]
I love the honey-brown as displayed on the box, but I am even willing to go as light as bleach blonde! Lol. I want to change my hair for once.


B.Leigh said...

i'm just gonna come do your hair for you

my treat

Gay Stamp of approval

[dressed] said...

Please do. When you gonna come?