December 27, 2009

Recent Purchase: Faux Doc Martens

I got some black, patent leather, knock-off Doc Marten boots from Wal-Mart today! I had to quickly share these with you all. Can you believe it? I never thought [Wal-Mart] would start stepping up their fashion game. As you can tell, both boots are very similar in style. The real versions are below. The major difference is just the color of the rubbered sole.

In my area, [Charlotte, NC] they were only priced at $12. The real Doc Marten versions vary in the $100 range. So I pratically stole them LOL. They are only available in the store. They have sold rather quickly in Charlotte. I had to call different locations for them to tell me that they were not getting anymore shipments of them.

I wanted a pair of boots this season, so here are my first pair. A "what i wear_" post with these boots will definitely be coming soon!

Christian-Nathaniel Phillips


Travis Sadler said...

WOW! Those are so great! Theyre still really rough and boyish with a stylish touch, being patent leather.

Anonymous said...

great read. I would love to follow you on twitter.

Anonymous said...

Between us speaking, I advise to you to try to look in

Anonymous said...

What touching words :)

Anonymous said...

Hope for the best and prepare to the worst.