December 6, 2009

interview_andrew cash

I caught up with my RA of my building, [Andrew Cash] and we chatted a bit about his ventures in the fashion industry. Read along with us.

[dressed] So I see your new to the blogging game. What made you want to jump in and join the craze?
Well "Charlottedaydream" was actually started on a whim. I was in the Library between classes and I decided to start a blog. That is why you can never anticipate what I am going to post about. Usually I don't plan it out, it just happens when I get the urge. Consider it as a small window into my mind.

Your in school for both Sociology and Religion, what do you want to do with those majors?
Sociology is my main focus. Religion is just a credit filler that I think is interesting. In some way or another Religion affects us. Whether we actively participate in, or actively avoid Religion. As for Sociology, I plan on going to Grad school for it, and see what come about afterwards.

For fall/winter 2009 if you were only given $100 what is one thing that you would get if you had the money?
I would spend it on a pair of Chukkas. They are a great example of how an item can be dressed up or down based on the context of how you wear it. Plus, Who doesn't like a new pair of shoes.

I don't believe in labeling styles, but if you had to name your look, how would you do so? I also know that some people styles are limited based on their income. If you had to ability, what style would you like to incorporate as your own? I have a tendency to gravitate towards the more preppy side of fashion. Most of my favorite stores can get pricey (J. Crew, Banana Rep.), But if money was not an issue I could completely dress out of these stores.

I always break this one fashion rule: Some consider it outdated but, You will see me and my all white Converses all year round.

[dressed] is all about the fashion and style, but what is one song that you have on your iPod that you are rocking out to? John Mayer is my favorite artist and his new album just dropped, so that will most likely dominate my iPod time for at least the next week.

Christian-Nathaniel Phillips

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