December 12, 2009

Shoes: Tom Shoes

I remember first when I first saw [Toms shoes]. They were being featured on an AT&T commercial. I didn't like the shoe. I was like are you serious? Shoes today are being made cheaper and cheaper. Why? I have no idea. Designers should invest MORE time into crafting a shoe, not less.
Outside of my ranting...
Overall the shoe has a different vibe from a similar crafted slip-on shoe. By the way the fabric holding the shoe together looks like it will unravel if you walk on gravel. No lie. I like how there a great variety of designs that you can pick from. They can be made super girly, or extra masculine. You chose. The price point for a shoe like this has to only be like this because of the popularity they are receiving. I could probably make this shoe myself if I had the time LOL. $60 is about how much you will spend on a pair of Toms shoes.

If you don't want to dish out that much for such a cheap shoes, Ked's has been had out there version of slip-ons that kind of look similar.

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taylor s. said...

Those Keds skeeve me out.
Bacon shoes.
Just what the world needs.