December 14, 2009

what i wear_now on chictopia

So I had an old Chictopia account before, but deleted that one and wanted to start over with a new account name. The new account is now at []. Chictopia is a basically a great site to easily, showcase your personal style to the world. If you are a fashionable male or female check them out. It's fast and fun to use, you get to meet new people who dress like you and get feedback from them. A family is created on this site and I love it. If you have a Chictopia account go ahead and add me :]

There is another site similar to Chictopia that I like. [] has a different spin compared to Chictopia. Everyone's picture that is uploaded is displayed in a feed format like on Facebook or Twitter. It's a great way to see a great variety of different styles all at once. LookBook revolves around the feature of photos being "Hyped". Hyped basically means everyone your outfit is plucking the right strings. At the moment, this is the most hyped look with 1175 points.

Christian-Nathaniel Phillips

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