December 1, 2009

Trend: Camail Jewelry

So I stumbled across the idea for this post from watching one of my favorite media personalities on YouTube; B. Scott. Pictured here is a camail head piece.

"Mail" or maile is literally an armour. It was used back in the 4th century BC in the Rome in battle. It was worn on different parts of the body to protect blows from sword fighting.
Here are different types of mail pieces:
Shirt - hauberk
Knee-length Garment- haubergeon
Waist-length Garment - byrnie
Leggings - chausses
Hoods - coif
Collar - pixane

This head piece is hot but it can only be worn at costume parties, themed night-clubs or sex shows. At the same time I can definitely see this worn at a couture fashion show. Here is a site that I found them on sale. 

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