December 1, 2009

Trend: Men's Leggings

Finally I found a well [dressed] man wearing leggings! I wrote an article about Russell Brand rocking a pair of leggings, but the way he wore them was all wrong. He had on flip-flops. #fail.

To analyze this outfit, the blazer structures the outfit well. The leggings are tight which creates two different proportions. There is nothing wrong with that, but DO NOT wear a top that is tight and a bottom that is equally as tight as well. If he didn't wear the blazer or some type of jacket he would have #failed as well. The sequined leggings are eye-catching but the rest of the outfit is simple. Well done.

Guess where this guy lives though...Paris. Go figure. LOL. All the best [dressed] live overseas. I told you all before that this was true. 
Johan, 19, Paris
Blazer by Guess
Sequin Leggings by Zara

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Idk, I wouldnt do this because I have fat legs, and on top of that it looks a little feminine. Granted, they're just the same silhouette form of skinny jeans, except more fitted, but they're still just too flamboyant to be androgynous.