January 14, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Phillip Lim

I have just recently fallen back in love with designer Phillip Lim after doing my browse of the runway shows on [www.Style.com]. If your not a frequent visitor to their site, they have a plethora of material. The site is owned by Conde Nast, the leading publishing company, home to the famed Vogue, GQ and Lucky magazine.

Lims background story is so inspiration for me. He graduated from the California State University in 1997, but didn't invite his parents to the ceremony. His reasoning was because his parents did not want him to study fashion merchandising.

Lims parents were no where into fashion or style. They both dressed conservatively. To his mom, clothes were to protect and cover the body. I feel I can relate to his up bringing because my parents have instilled those same values with me when I was growing up.

As a result of such a successful label, Lim has never invited his family to any of his shows. He has never even shared with them how much his clothes cost. With that being said, he still visits his family frequently in California.

In 2004, Lim and his business partner, Wen Zhou named their business 3.1 because, both men where 31 years old. Today 3.1 Phillip Lim is a $30 million company. I believe he is famous now because of this quote; "They are just clothes. They should make you feel good and look good, and I hope you can still pay your bills are you buy them."

Christian N. Phillips

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