January 10, 2010

my starbucks rewards

This is my first time sharing with you information about my job. This is just too good to not share. Starbucks has launched a new rewards program this year for it's valued customers. It is a revised idea to the previous program available last year. Now, anyone can take advantage of great benefits at Starbucks.

The prior Gold Card was actually a black card and it cost $25 to join. After joining, you were given the ability to get 10% off all purchases.

Here is what's new:
The updated program is now called My Starbucks Rewards. The $25 fee has been dropped, but has been replaced with a point system. So now anyone who drinks coffee enough can now take advantage of it! You only will be able to get a personalized Gold Card after receiving 30 points. You won't get 10% all your purchases, but you do get a slew of other great benefits.

  • A free drink on your birthday
  • Free Soy
  • Free flavored syrups
  • Free refills on brewed coffee/tea
  • 2 hours of free Wi-Fi per day.
  • Other coupons and offers in the mail
Christian-Nathaniel Phillips

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