April 29, 2010

my take on the trends

An outsider looking in on the fashion industry would say that its frivolous to follow fashion as rarer because of how frequent trends change. I had the same thought too when I was an outsider looking in.

I completely understand why and how trends change from season to season now. It is important to always bring fresh content to buyers.

From a frugal and fashionista stand point its okay to be accepting and understand the industry but at the same time its okay to take what you know and do your own thing.

No one says that in order for you to be fashionable you have to buy everything new when it comes off the runway at NY Fashion week. There is a difference between being fashionable and stylish. One is more important than the other.

Personally I believe in staple items and staple looks. Being stylish versus fashionable is all about learning how to dress your body type but still look good by adding your personality to it. Fashionable is buying all the latest designer items off the rack or runway.

Christian N. Phillips

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