May 18, 2010

Outfit Id: La Roux

If you haven't checked out La Roux's video for her single Bulletproof, go ahead and do so before you finish reading this post [here].

Looking at both of the photos, have you noticed she likes to cross feet while posing? Love.
The hair cut is also a great twist on the faux-hawk; A new look if you have still been rocking it and you want to go more edgy.

The first photo is my favorite because she is pulling off a multi-colored cropped jacket like it's not ones business. I want more of this girl--she needs to get famous like Rihanna so we can follow her ;]

1 comment:

taylor stanley said...

Heads up: I'm still following. ;]

Further heads up:
*not ones = no one's.
*Also, you don't need to capitalize a word when it follows a semicolon.