December 27, 2010

News: The MANY Celebrity Clothing Lines

Sarah Jessica Parker: working at Halston
Madonna: Material Girl for Macy's
Jennifer Lopez: working with Kohls
Nicole Ritchie: working on line of accesories
Selena Gomez: Dream Out Loud line for K-Mart
Lindsay Lohan: working on handbags for Spring
Jessica Simpson: Jessica Simpson line for Macy's

Additional Lines:
Miley Cyrus: Hannah Montana for Wal-Mart
Justin Timberlake: William Rast for Target
Alexa Chung: Line for J. Crews Madewell
Mary Kate and Ashley: Olsenboye for JC Penny
Kardashian's: Line for Bebe
Gwen Stefani: Lamb

It has become a trend among the stars to launch clothing lines. The list continues to build with each season. Almost every major celebrity has or is working on a clothing line. 

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