August 17, 2011

Nordstrom Opens Test Market Store in NYC

Nordstrom is finally opening it's first full-priced store in SoHo NYC, kind of. The thing is the store won't bear the company name or layout. They are actually opening a pseudo-Nordstrom to gauge the New York retail market.

The 'fake' Nordstrom is called Treasure & Bond, a name not associated with the department store brand. Another thing not associated with the brand is even the merchandise they are selling; it is "funkier than a real Nordstrom would carry.

Currently the only affiliated Nordstrom in the city is a 'Discount Rack' store. So pretty soon a full-priced location will be open after data is gathered from Treasure & Bond. This pop-up store is not unusual for brands to do, but what makes T&B will be different because it will become a permanent brand. From the sales that T&B generates will determine whether merchandise can/should be sold in Nordstrom.


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