September 6, 2011

British Vogue Is Hiding Adeles Body

The current issue of British Vogue has honored Adele with a cover story and DRESSED her in London based designer Burberry dress. The funny thing about that is that you can't see the dress. The entire cover in a close crop of just Adele's face. NY Times even mentioned that even her hair is doing a good job covering up her face.

When I saw this I was so appalled that we are still dealing with the plus size as a taboo image in the fashion industry. Why is so backwards to not support a market within the fashion industry that is obviously not going anywhere?  

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Anonymous said...

When you do a cover shot for a magazine especially for an artist (entertainment) its common to only show the face. I don't believe they are trying to hide adele's body. Unfortunately vogue has a cover body shot archetype unfortunately Adele is not it. nor is she a 110 pound 5'11 model. Let not start unnecessary controversy