June 20, 2008

Vintage Lacoste Belt

I was shopping at the Goodwill the other day and stumbled upon these two cool vintage Lacoste belts. I was so surprised that they were only going for $2 a piece lol. The bad thing about it that they don't fit me! They are too small for my waist. 

If anyone wants em hit me up =]
Sound Off.

--Christian Nathaniel


Taylor Stanley said...

Any clue what size they are? I just might have to buy them off you.

And remember, never doubt the power of Goodwill! On several different occasions I've found Pucci, YSL, and even some (really beat up) Dior.

dressed said...

I would totally check it out for you...Just know it can't fit my waist lol.

Oh, and trust me I LOVE goodwill hunting! =] Its sooo fun. But what is pucci?? lol Do you mean gucci??! lol

Taylor Stanley said...

Please don't let me ever hear you say that ever again. Emilio Pucci is a former member of the House of Haute Couture. THE house of Couture. Gucci has never been nor will they ever reach that status as they're still considered an "of the rack" House.

dressed said...

I feel really bad about not knowing that uggh...plus I really don't follow cotoure...especially womens lol.

Taylor Stanley said...

No worries.
I wouldn't have known unless my mom had made a huge deal out of it.
They're pretty much known for their crazy, big patterns. And Florals (which I hate).