April 14, 2009

Article: Are Fakes Ever Really En Vogue?

 The current rule among designers is that “Fakes are Never in Fashion.” I’ll be honest, I support the fake industry! There is no way to escape it. Every store has items that are “inspired” by high end designer pieces. In Forever 21 there are YSL “inspired” heels, Chloe “inspired” jewelry, and scarves “inspired” by Alexander McQueen. The same is true in so-called quality stores like J.Crew and Anthropologie, which sell bags that look identical to those sold by Marni, and shoes that are suspiciously similar to the Dolce & Gabbana oxford heels. And there is absolutely no way to tell what pieces are knock-offs… unless you obsessively read magazines (like I do)!

The designers often get mad saying that they are losing profit. But honestly, if someone could afford to buy their dream $18,000 dollar Hermes bag they totally would! Those who can’t afford it may find satisfaction in their knock-off version. Some may try to argue that fakes are made is sweat shops with poor working conditions. 

News flash: ALL your clothing (unfortunately) are made in sweat shops. The fakes sold in Chinatown actually have better working conditions because they are run by independent families. Basically, buying fakes is inevitable, embrace it! If you see a piece in a magazine that you like, don’t just add it to your wish list, go to a store and find it. There is bound to be something in there that was “inspired” by your favorite designer.

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