May 6, 2009

32. worst [dressed] celebrity_angela simmons

Risk takers are always praised in the fashion world, because what would be a new trend if no one tries new things?! Well Angela didn't make a trend here. Just a faux paus LOl. Nice try baby girl, but the loud purple Louboutin's and ripped jeans together did not make the outfit cohesive. But I do like the oversized, heavy layered pearls. It's very hobo-chic.
Sound Off.

--Christian Nathaniel

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Travis Sadler said...

I like her Louboutins, but maybe with a mod dress the cuts at the high thigh. I would have rather seen the outfit with a pair of black skinny's and an 80's blazr. That wouldve set the pearls off. Hate the loud ass clashy pink headband though.