May 10, 2009

Recent Purchase: Bronzer Brush

I have been using MAC makeup for about a year now and I am satisfied with the product. I first had started using Studio Tech foundation and found it too thick. I have now switched over to a Powdered Studio Fix foundation and I love it so much better [I am NC-45 if anyone is curious LOl]. When I was using Studio Tech I used a foundation brush. But unfortunately my face looks so blotchy when I use the same brush for Studio Fix. It just doesn't work. I told myself that I wasn't going to pay $50 for a MAC brush when I can get one from Sephora or even Walgreens for a cheaper price. 

I did wind up getting this cute little Bronzer brush #44 from the Sephora Professional Line. One of the guys there said that he uses a bronzer brush for his powdered foundation too and it works just fine. I went out on the limb and trusted him because I'm not a pro at all the makeup tricks yet LOL. When I do use my new brush I get an awesome airbrush finish and it looks great. Better than before when I was just using a basic foundation brush. YUCKKKIEEE. This new brush by the way was only $26. All I did was take my old one into the store and they allowed me to exchange it for the new one. To check out their other numerous of brushes that they sale, click here.

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