May 11, 2009

new [dressed] job!_charlotte russe

So now I am a new Sales Associate at Charlotte Russe at Northlake Mall! Isn't that exciting?! I applied there because I need to make some extra money for the summer. I was basically hired thanks to some connections I had [Thank you Sarah!]. A great part about the job is that now I get to work my styling skills out on customers that come in :]

Yes, I have heard the many horror stories about working in retail...but I am actually still really excited. I always wanted to work in retail to see for myself how bad/good it is. I still have my primary job though at Starbucks. So the crappy hours that I know I will be given, I won't mind. I just love fashion. Forty percent discount here I come LOl.
Sound Off.

--Christian Nathaniel

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