May 12, 2009

35. tv_the fashion show gimmick??

I watched the premiere episode of "The Fashion Show", no I was not impressed. I felt I only watched the show because I saw Kelly Rowland on the commercials LOl. When I first heard she was going to be on the show, I was like "She is not fashionable nor trendy!!" LOl. I could see if the girl was a designer on the side or something...but noooo, She just said that she "[sits] front row of fashion shows". What the fuck?? I don't believe that qualifies you to be a judge on "The Fashion Show". But that is enough of my tirade. Other than that Isaac is good and actually some of the designers were cool. But I'm just saying this "Show" is not a Project Runway replacement LOl. That is all.

On a ligther note I did love the dress that James-Paul designed! He calls it 'The Rubik's Cube Dress'. So awesome! It's available online here. It is only $199 by the way. I do kind of like that Bravo is allowing all the winners designs to be sold each week, unlike Project Runway.
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--Christian Nathaniel

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T said...

The Fashion show def isnt a PR replacement. But I do like how they have more practical challenges...the ridiculous challenges on PR did get on my nerves (make an outfit out of a car?). Isaac [I LOVE HIM] and the talent of the designers are keeping me tuned. Kelly's randomness and those ridiculous catch phrases---im not "buying" them. Tim Gunn needs to visit the show.