May 15, 2009

the purpose of a lint roller??

Lint rollers don't work. They never get all the lint off. I have a sweater that gets majorrrr lint balls. The lint rollers are useless on it! It's just a big roll of tape. I think I will have to just throw the sweater away because I can not wear it in public again. I was not supposed to put this particular sweater in the dryer, but I forgot. Ugh stupid dryer fucked up my clothes. I wish there was a way to fix my sweater. Does this happen to you?

So now I use my lint roller to clean dust off my desk. LOl. I find it better used there.
Sound off.

--Christian Nathaniel

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taylor stanley said...

Oh dear lord, please do not encourage people to NOT use lint rollers!
They work, but they can only do so much. If you have major pilling issues, I'd suggest a small fabric shaver (otherwise known as a lint shaver). They're cheap, harmless, and do a world of good for sweater and other knits a lint brush can no longer help.