June 25, 2009

TV: Smooth Away Hair Remover a Gimmick?

I saw this commercial and was very skeptical about the intended claims. The As Seen On TV brand is saying that it can help rid unwanted hair with this special bufffer that can be rubbed on the skin and is not painful. If you watch the infomercial here in reality it looks painful .
Here is a customer testimony:
Do not order this. I got mine today and I tried it like 3 minutes ago and it does not that the hair off. after you finish the circles your legs ache. I’d rather shave or use veet or nair honestly. The hair doesn’t bulge. Th pads are more like a mile sand paper and even has 3M written on the back just like sand paper. Not worth the money. What a scam!!!!

This is just one product testimony, have this product ever worked for you? 

1 comment:

Jasmine B. said...

I seen this commerical before too and i was thinking that crap looked like sand paper and i was right! lol.

but thanx for the info :)