June 26, 2009

Tip: Retail Shopping Etiquette

There are things that you are not supposed to do when you are shopping in a store. I work in retail and get so frustrated when people can be complete ignorant bitches and act like they have no home training. Going shopping means you are going into someone else's environment so you need to treat it as follows.

1. Do NOT try on 43 pieces of clothes and only buy 1 thing. You know you don't have money so don't pretend you do. [The same goes for when trying on shoes]
2. The dressing room is not your bed room. Clean up after yourself.
3. Please be patient when in the check out line. It takes time taking all them damn tags off of your clothes.
4. Do NOT pick up clothes and put them back in the wrong places. A store is set up to look a certain way. Please be considerate of that.
5. Do NOT try and feel bold and steal. It's illegal. Stay out of jail.

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