November 11, 2009

[dressed] line_stevie boi clothing and accesories

[yutsu shades]

So I got up with a hot clothing and accessory designer based out of Washington, DC. His psudeonym and name of the clothing line; Stevie Boi.

[dressed] - Wow, so let me just say this, your line of sunglasses and accessories are so hot and yet unique at the same time! Your clothes and accessories give me a avant -garde feeling which I love that is brought to the masses. How did you find this niche of consumer to market to? 
SB - Thanks so much! I didn’t really research a market or anything, to promote to, I just put most of the work out their for people’s to view and buy.

From what I see your pieces look very cohesive, your ideas all come from you, or do you have a team of designers behind you? 
They all are very original and come from just the limited items I have or something I dreamt of.

My absolute favorite thing from is the SB Fringe necklace! I totally need three of those! Tell the readers what are some of your favorite pieces and what people on the street could see you wearing? 
Well, the Shades are definitely the most popular thing on, aswell as the clothes. Mostly all of the pieces are very edgy and come straight off the runway type feel to them. I definitely see some peeps rocking the strong shoulder padded jackets etc.

Every growing business has goals and dreams to make themselves strive. What are some of the project that you have on your plate coming up for Stevie Boi?
I have many celebs behind my shades aswell as a strong desire to strive. I'm not looking to make money. I'm looking to make a product and household name. SB

Christian N. Phillips

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